With any business, lawsuits and damages can both disturb the day to day running of your company. However, for a small business, this can be crippling, and it can seriously affect your firm’s long-term future. Getting a small business insurance quote is a simple, smart way to begin the protection of your company’s best interests. One lawsuit or calamitous event could be enough to bust a small business which has not been insured correctly. But by ensuring that there is the correct insurance cover in place, in the event of a claim being made against them a company can easily continue to function as normal while any legal proceedings are underway.

Small Business Insurance UK

What is Small Business Insurance?

Small Business Insurance packages an extensive range of insurance policies such as Professional Indemnity Insurance and Commercial Building Insurance.

At Rigby Financial we understand that the small business insurance requirements of one company can be very different to the next. Because of that, we offer a mixture of insurance solutions for all kinds of small businesses to allow you to customise your insurance cover.

As a small business owner or manager, you will seek to guard the business itself, but it is important not to forget your workforce. Your staff can be the most valuable asset to your company. Therefore, it is crucial to find the best employee insurance cover to help protect your workers.

What can Small Business Insurance UK cover?

Small Business Professional Indemnity Insurance - the protection of professionals offering specialist skills
Small Business Directors and Officers Insurance - cover for senior officials within a small business
Small Business Commercial Building Insurance - guards you as commercial property owner
Small Business Health Insurance - protects the health and wellbeing of you and your employees
Small Business Liability Insurance - covers a small business against claims made for ‘wrongful acts’Small Business Insurance Telephone  "Call now for quotation"

How to reduce threats to your Small Business

In order to make sure you have purchased the correct level of insurance for your small insurance, you need to be fully aware of the specific threats and risks your company will be facing. In short, you need to know what exactly itis you’re getting insured for in the first place. A lot of the time there are many threats that small business owners are either simply unaware of or do not realise that they are not covered for.

Should the nature of your business change then your policy may also need to change. It always worth periodically meeting up with your small business insurance broker to assess if your business has changed in a way that could significantly affect your cover. A change in your business could be anything from purchasing another firm, hiring a different staff in newly created roles or extending your business to new locations. It is always worth checking if these types of things could alter the level of protection you receive from your small business insurance cover.