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Most businesses cannot function efficiently without a solid workforce in place. Your staff can be your single most important asset.

One way of showing your appreciation is through employee benefit schemes and group plans, including private medical insurance and income protection.

Group Life And Critical Illness Insurance Cover

Your employees are often at the heart of your business, and everyone knows that a happy workforce is an efficient one. Group life and critical illness insurance are just two of the many benefits you can offer your employees. Offering an…

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Group Income Protection

Employee benefits can promote loyalty, increase morale and really set you apart from other companies. Group income protection insurance is one of the many benefits available to businesses, and our experts here at Rigby Financial are always…

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Group Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance can have a number ofpositive impacts on your business. Nowadays, private medical insurance is sucha worthwhile investment, with understaffed and over worked NHS departments,private medical insurance can help ensure…

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