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Private medical insurance can have a number ofpositive impacts on your business. Nowadays, private medical insurance is sucha worthwhile investment, with understaffed and over worked NHS departments,private medical insurance can help ensure your workforce can easily get accessto the right medical care when they need it.

More often that not, your workforce is an integral part of your business. A private medical insurance package is just one of the many benefits you can offer your employees as part of a remuneration package.

Private medical insurance can benefit you as an employer, too.  If one of your employees becomes injured or falls ill, they’ll have quick access to a medical specialist. The knock on effect of this is a speedier recovery, minimising their time away from work.

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    Office workers

    Healthy employees are more productive than those with poor health

    Quick access to treatment and a medical specialist- Private medical insurance can set you apart from other businesses – Healthy employees will need less sick days off work

    Here’s how we can help

    Our preferred provider is Vitality (formerly PRU Health). They are one of the only insurance providers to offer their policyholders a range of benefits, including money off vouchers and gym membership discounts for being healthy.

    Benefits of having a Vitality Health policy

    Benefits include:

    • Suggestions on increasing your wellbeing and making positive changes to your lifestyle
    • Discounts and vouchers as an incentive for leading a healthier lifestyle
    • Cash back rewards for non-smokers, your employees could receive up to £150 a year off their bill. (A Vitality Health-check will determine your eligibility and instalments are paid quarterly)
    • Full cover means full cover

    Unlike other health insurance providers, Vitality Health has a commitment to providing you and your employees with full cover.
    There’s no need to worry about medical expenses or specialist fees, these are picked up by Vitality.

    • Surgical procedures, including gastric bypasses – Vitality Health could really help your business and your employees.
    • As well as medical care, the insurer offers a range of surgical procedures, from breast reduction to gastric bypass.
    • If you’re looking to insure more than 20 employees, your staff will be able to access specified corrective procedures, including birthmark removal.
    • To qualify for these treatments, your staff will need to meet Vitality’s eligibility criteria and a member co-payment of 25% is required.
    • Full cancer cover – According to Cancer Research UK, 338,623 new cancer cases were recorded in this country in 2012*. If you’ve ever been affected by cancer, directly or indirectly, you’ll know of the emotional strain it can put on both you and your loved ones. Your employees could benefit from Vitality Health’s full cancer cover policy, which picks up all associated costs. Unlike other policies, Vitality Health’s service does not apply a limit on the use of biological therapies, hormone or bisphosphonate therapy.On top of this, your employees will benefit from cover for pain relief at the end of your policy. Source: Cancer Statistics for the UK, Cancer Research UK
    • Personal health funds for everyday healthcare

    Private medical healthcare doesn’t often cover your everyday healthcare bills and services, i.e. eye tests and dental check ups.

    Vitality Health does however offer a personal health fund for all your day-to-day medical expenses.

    How does a personal health fund work?

    Vitality Health will pay a certain amount into an employee’s fund each year, depending on their Vitality status. If you’d like to discuss private medical insurance in further detail, get in touch with one of our helpful IFA’s.

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