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What is professional indemnity?

The purpose of professional indemnity is to protect professional people or others who supply a skill or service, covering their legal liability to compensate third parties who could then bring a claim against them for professional negligence or alleged breach of your professional duty.

Professional indemnity can be put in a place to cover the cost of your defence, to fund a claim or help towards a settlement cost. Court cases can be often very costly, stressful and have a huge financial impact on your business.

Why you need to be covered

The insurance industry has seen a growing need for PI insurance for a variety of reasons and the need is no longer just for the traditional professions.  Clients of professionals can be seen as more demanding, knowing their rights and in a service driven world having high expectations of their advisors.

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    Who can be considered a professional?

    A professional can be any person, company or partnership providing advice, design, specification or other ‘professional services’ can be described as a professional.  A person or firm that is perceived by the client to be an expert in their field can also be considered a professional.  As professionals who are in the position of having greater knowledge than those they are advising, these persons can be sued and therefore should be considering PI insurance when looking at the risks their business face.

    We could help you:

    We could help you find a policy that meets your needs and requirements, be it for the one claim or on an aggregate basis. We have access to a wide range of markets and can help to find your cover at a competitive price.

    Why not have a chat with one of our expert’s? We cover a wide-range of professions and industries, including surveyors, estate agency firms, accountancy firms, IT consultants, solicitors, architects, business consultants, design and build contractors and many more.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole practitioner, partnership, limited company, or not for profit organisation (i.e. a charity, trade association).

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