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Work in the construction trade or manufacturing? We offer a range of insurance policies tailored specifically to these industries, including liability insurance.

Commercial Combined Insurance

Looking to make savings on your current insurance policy? One way of saving money on your cover is to opt for a commercial combined insurance package, which could protect your business…

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Liability Insurance

If you work in construction, manufacturing or trade, there’s a high chance you’ve already heard of liability insurance. But just in case… What is liability insurance? Liability insurance can provide protection from injury…

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Manufacturing Insurance

Ensuring the cogs keeping turning and the products are sent to market is essential for any manufacturing firm, but sometimes those essential machines break down, or a batch of products is ruled as defective. In those instances, a manufactures…

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Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors All Risk Insurance If you work in construction, you’ll know of the risk of loss or damage to building or civil works, through damage to the property of third-party claims. Here contractors all risk insurance policy can…

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Engineering Inspection and Insurances

What is engineering inspection cover? Engineering inspections are an essential safety component for any organisation working with machinery and construction materials. As part of our manufacturing and construction department, here at Rigby…

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