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Travel insurance is up there with your passport as an important holiday essential, however many people often travel uninsured or leave taking out a policy to the very last minute.

Nobody wants to worry about what could or may go wrong on holiday, nor would we want you to worry. That said, cancellations, delays, accidents and injuries can and do happen at any time. The financial consequences can often be costly when things go wrong and without the correct level of insurance, you can seriously put yourself at risk.

At Rigby Financial, we take the hard work out of travel insurance. Our online service can help you find the best possible cover for you or your family. We can help you find comprehensive cover at a price that won’t break the bank.

We provide policies for single trips up to 365 days and annual multi-trips (93 days for any one trip, no limit for the number of trips).

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    You can obtain a quotation and issue your policy document by using the link above. Before proceeding to obtain your quotation you must confirm the following:

    1. By clicking on the link to obtain travel insurance quotation you will be acknowledging that you have read in full our Terms of Business and have accepted the Terms and Conditions of that agreement.
    2. When buying travel insurance from Rigby Financial, we must advise you that under law of agency, during this transaction Rigby Financial (RF) will be acting as an agent of the insurer. On a regular basis, we survey the market to ensure that the insurance protection provided remains suitable for our clients and provides wide cover at a reasonable cost. When providing a quotation via our website, we will only provide you with a quotations through Just Insurance Agents Ltd t/a Aneevo who will provide quotations through:
      • Beazley (Lloyds)
      • GoodtoGoInsurance (TIF/Reiseversicherung)
      • Insure with Ease (TIF/Reiseversicherung)
      • Insura Trip (TIF/Reiseversicherung)
      • Axiom Underwriting (Arch)
      • Beyond (Ageas)

      We must also bring to your attention that at any time, should you require details of the extent of our commission earnings in relation to an insurance policy that you purchase via this website we are happy to provide this information to you. We will also remind you at the renewal of the policy of your continuing right to request this information. In the event that you do require details of our commission earnings please contact us.

    3. When you pay the premium to either the Insurer or Rigby Financial, the transaction is subject to risk transfer, which means that any credit risk is borne by your Insurer.
    4. If you or any person who is to be insured under this policy or any person on whom the trip depends needs to make disclosure of a known medical condition, you need to refer to the Medical Referrals requirements. To establish whether or not a declaration needs to be made.

    If you are in any doubt as to whether you need to disclose a medical condition or you have any problems using the quotation facility, you should contact Rigby Financial on 01744 886077.


    Failure to disclose a medical condition for any one traveling under your policy or a close relative or other fact that could affect the acceptance of this policy could result in the Insurer avoiding the payment of a claim or possibly avoiding the policy in extreme circumstances.

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