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With on going government cuts to the NHS and waiting lists for treatments growing longer by the day, private medical insurance has never been more important. Your health and wellbeing really is something you cannot put a price on.

Perhaps you’re seeking private medical cover to receive an appointment or operation quicker than you would on the NHS, maybe it’s peace of mind for yourself and your family. Whatever your reasons, Rigby Financial’s team of independent financial advisers can help you to work out your options and choose a policy that’s tailor-made for you.

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    Here are just a few things we love about Vitality

    • The Vitality Health programme helps you to understand your health and how to improve it
      Vitality Health is committed to helping you lead a more active and healthier life. Trying to keep fit can often be difficult. To help motivate you, Vitality offer rewards and discounts on the things that are good for you!
    • Non-smoker? You could be rewarded with cash back!
      How many insurers do you know of that give you cash back for not smoking? Vitality Health are the only insurer who could reward you for not smoking – you could get backup to 15% of your annual premium! A Vitality health check will assess your lifestyle. Cashback is then paid in quarterly installments.
    • Full cover means full cover
      Unlike other insurers, you won’t have to pick up the costs for consultancy charges or other hidden fees. Vitality Health will take care of all of these additional charges, providing the cover you require is included in your policy.
    • Enhanced Cancer Cover
      If you or a loved one has been affected by cancer, you’ll know how devastating and upsetting it can be. Vitality Health provides enhanced cancer cover, meaning all costs are picked up by their side. There are no limits on the use of biological therapies, hormone or bisphosphonate therapy. Vitality Health also provides cover for pain relief at the end stage of cancer.
    • A wide choice of cover options for your plan
      Therapies cover, psychiatric cover, dental cover and worldwide travel cover are all cover options included within Vitality Health’s policies.

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