Private Medical Insurance - Why It’s So Important


Your health and wellbeing is something that you can’t put a price on. Nowadays, you can’t afford not to have private medical care.

There’s a whole number of reasons why private medical insurance is such a worthwhile investment. Growing NHS waiting lists and a rapidly increasing and aging population are just two of the many reasons.

We love the NHS. Our free health service sets us apart from a number of countries around the world, including the USA. Unfortunately, we know it’s a service that is strained and under a huge amount of pressure.


The current state of the NHS

The future looks bleak for our National Health Service and has done for quite sometime. Continuous government cuts have had a huge impact on the organisation. Can the NHS really carry on providing the same level of care for the approximate 64 million people it serves?

You may have recently read of the government’s plans to halt all cuts to the NHS, instead injecting £3.8 billion into the service. Good news, it would seem. However, the NHS is under a vast amount of pressure to deliver and has been set targets that many deem unrealistic.

According to the Health Foundation’s chief economist, Anita Charlesworth, the cash injection will do very little to help the service.

 “Make no mistake, the NHS is in the midst ofan unprecedented financial crisis,” she said.


Waiting times

One area of the NHS that has come under fire time and time again is the organisation’s lengthening waiting lists. According to a recent Cancer Research UK study, 25.5% (21,600 people) of cancer patients missed the service’s 62-day treatment target in the 2014/15 financial year. Many of those had to wait over 104 days for treatment after being directly referred by their GP.

Operation cancellations

Picturethe scene; you’ve finally been booked in for that all-important operation aftermonths of waiting. You’ve prepared for the day, when suddenly you get a note tosay the operation has been postponed once again.

It’sa crushing experience for both you and your family. Without private medical insurance, it could be months before you receive another date for you roperation. Private medical care can prevent your stress and disappointment, with quick and easy access to a specialist.

How private medical insurance can benefit you

Aprivate medical policy can really give you the peace of mind you deserve. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that both you and your loved ones have quick and efficient access to professional healthcare.  You could even be rewarded just for having a healthy lifestyle!

Rigby Financial offer a range offantastic policies to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for cover for yourself or a family policy. Through our associated provider, Vitality (formerly known as Pru Health), we can help you calculate savings through selecting private medical coverage.

A bit more about Vitality

We love Vitality and everything that they stand for. They’re one of the only private medical insurance providers that are committed to rewarding your efforts to keep fit and healthy. We’ve been working with Vitality for some time now and share their passion for offering our customers a high-quality level of health insurance.


Your healthcare fees will be taken care of

Full cover means full cover with Vitality. They take care of all of your fees, provided the treatment is included within your level of policy.


Benefits and rewards

One thing we love about Vitality is their rewards and benefits packages. It’s what sets their policies apart from other providers.

-      Quick and efficient treatment if you fall ill

-      A 24/7 healthcare helpline

-       Enhanced cancer cover with nolimits on biological, hormone or bisphosphonate therapy

-      Cashback for non-smokers

-      Starbucks vouchers

-      Regular health advice and fitness tips

-      Money off gym memberships

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