Insurance can be a tough world to navigate, particularly if you’re looking to cover multiple assets with a number of third-party caretakers or operators. When it comes to vehicle fleet insurance questions answered before you decide on a particular policy. Luckily, our experienced insurance specialists at here, it’s most definitely worth checking in with insurance experts and making sure you get all your get all your questions answered before you decide on a particular policy. Luckily, our experienced insurance specialists at here Rigby Financial have put together this useful list of answers to the questions about vehicle fleet insurance that are most likely to pop into your mind when you next need to cover your fleet!t likely to pop into your mind when you next need to cover your fleet!

1. Why Get It?
If you own and use multiple vehicles for business purposes, it’s highly likely that this is the type of policy for you. Insuring your fleet as a whole means that you spend less than you would if you sought cover for each vehicle individually. It’s also much simpler to manage, as there’ll be no questioning whether or not a particular truck or lorry’s cover is up to date – as you’ll renew the whole lot in one go! – plus, the time and effort you’ll save by only having to do one lot of paperwork will spare you an awful lot of stress and expenditure.

2. Are There Different Types?
Yes. You can get Third Party, which covers you in cases of damage or loss of other vehicles or injuries to third parties caused by your vehicles. It doesn’t cover your own vehicles, however. You can also get Third Party, Fire and Theft, which covers all of the above as well as damage to your own vehicles caused by fire and incidents of theft perpetrated against your fleet. Finally, there’s Fully Comprehensive cover, which covers everything already mentioned plus accidental damage to your fleet.

3.How Many Vehicles Can One Policy Cover?
There isn’t usually a limit, but this is something you must remember to ask your individual provider. There is usually a lower limit, which is commonly three – but some policies will go as low as two.

4. What Kinds of Vehicles Can I Insure?
Vehicle fleet insurance can cover virtually any kind of motorised vehicle, from courier scooters to taxis and from tractors to articulated lorries. However, if the business vehicles you use are particularly rare or valuable – classic “wedding” cars for example – you may need to seek out a specialist insurer to meet all your requirements.

5. What Costs Are Involved?
This depends on your insurer and their specialisms, but also the type of business you run, the performance of your policy over time, the number of vehicles in your fleet and their individual security capabilities and your drivers’ individual histories. You can keep your costs down  by making sure that each vehicle is as secure as possible, and by shopping around for a policy that covers exactly what you need without any unnecessary extras – for example, searching for a policy specialising in agricultural vehicle insurance means that you’ll skip any of the add-ons you might receive if you ran a taxi firm.

The list above details the most common questions we at Rigby Financial get asked about vehicle fleet insurance. If you have anything more specific you wish to know or would like us to assist you in finding your ideal cover, simply contact us today on 01744886077.

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