The reason to get small business professional indemnity insurance from Rigby Financial is to protect yourself and your employees as specialists in your field. This policy covers any legal liabilities in which you are required to compensate a third party through your small business insurance. Professional indemnity insurance can also look after the cost of your defences against claims brought against you. It also aids any settlement costs you might have to pay out.

Small Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

Why is Professional Indemnity Insurance needed for your Small Business?

This policy can guard your business if a customer of yours makes a claim against you in relation to any work you have undertaken for them. Although delivering a flawless service is paramount to your small business, mistakes can occur from time to time. A professional indemnity insurance policy will protect you from having to directly deal and pay for the cost of a claim from a dissatisfied client.

Your Small Business will need professional indemnity insurance if you:

  • provide a professional service which you could potentially be challenged on
  • deliver specific knowledge and/or expertise to clients
  • a clients' confidential data is accessible to you as a small businessRigby Property Insurance Telephone  "Call now for quotation"

What can your small business be covered against?

Many potential customers, especially larger corporations or local authorities, will usually seek evidence that your small business insurance policy includes protection against professional indemnities before they sign off on any contract which will allow you to work with them.

Professional indemnity insurance can protect your small business against any monetary losses suffered by a client of yours as a result of any advice you have given them, negligent specifications and/or designs, data breaches or any issues with intellectual property.

In short, if a customer of yours thinks you or your company has been careless in your service for them and they have suffered any losses because of it then that is when your policy will come into effect.

Examples of claims Professional Indemnity Insurance can protect you from

Below are a number of examples of the type of things your small business professional indemnity insurance policy could guard you against:
  • breach of intellectual property rights such as copying specific content from another firm’s website without the correct level of permission
  • defamation of a business or person by making damaging claims about them
  • the sharing private and confidential information without consent, or something considered to be commercially sensitive

Get in touch with the Rigby Financial team to discuss professional indemnity insurance for your small business. We cover a variety of industries and professions.