Rigby Financial is proud to support The Spectrum Kilimanjaro Challenge 2015.

Spectrum Kilimanjaro Challenge 2015

The challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and play the world’s highest game of rugby will start next month to raise funds and awareness of the Steve Prescott Foundation (SPF). The group of 40 climbers includes current Salford Red Devils International legend Adrian Morley and former players Lee Briers, Garreth Carvell, Neil Harmon, Chico Jackson, Alan Hunte and Mike Wainwright. Also taking part are Sky Sports Angela Powers, BBC’s Beccy Meehan, and Harry Potter actor Matt Lewis. The climb will receive extensive media coverage including features on BBC TV and Sky so watch out in the coming days.

Good Look Guys & Girls!!!

To find out more about the work of the Steve Prescott Foundation click the following The Steve Prescott Foundation