Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

If you work in the farming industry, we understand that agricultural vehicles are a vital part of your day to day business and if something goes wrong it can cost you money and business. So, having the right level of agricultural vehicle insurance cover in place is essential to ensuring that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Here at Rigby Financial, we offer a range of tractor insurance and other agricultural vehicle policies to cater for your specific industry needs. If you’re looking for agriculture vehicle insurance cover, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team who will be more than happy to help.

When you acquire Agricultural Vehicle Insurance, you will receive the use of:

Comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party cover

You can select between these three options when securing Agricultural Vehicle Insurance with Rigby Financial. Third Party insurance covers you in cases of damage or loss of other vehicles or injuries to third parties caused by your vehicles but does not cover your own vehicles. Third Party, Fire, and Theft covers all of the above, but will also cover damage to your own vehicles caused by fire and incidents of theft perpetrated against them. Purchasing Fully Comprehensive - or Fully Comp - cover ensures that everything mentioned above is covered, along with any accidental damage that may occur

New for old replacement following total loss accident, fire or theft

In a “total loss” situation - meaning that the cost of repairing or salvaging a vehicle would exceed its insured value - be it an accident, fire or instance of a vehicle being stolen, Rigby Financial’sAgricultural Vehicle Insurance (or “Farmer’s Insurance”) will allow you to replace your old vehicle with a brand new one, so you won’t get behind in your work as a result.

Agricultural trailers attached and detached 

Whether you have an attached or detached trailer during the incident for which you make a claim, our AgriculturalInsurance will cover it. 

Replacement glass cover 

Be it a windscreen, another window or a mirror on your vehicle, we include cover for your agricultural vehicle’s glass within our policies.

Replacement locks following attempted theft

If you’ve had the misfortune of losing a vehicle to theft, it can really set you back. Luckily, as mentioned, RigbyFinancial’s Agricultural Vehicle Insurance provides cover for this kind of situation. What we’ll also cover is the replacement or repair of your locks should a theft be attempted but not completed, as we know it can be just as difficult to get back to work with a vehicle that isn’t secure.

No claims discount and garaging discounts available

Use of a secure garage or compound for your vehicles can actually bring down the cost of your premiums. This can also be the case if you - or anyone else who might be an operator of your vehicle - has a good history in terms of past insurance claims or no criminal record when it comes to traffic and vehicle-related issues.

Third party liability and legal costs incurred

If a third party makes a claim against you in relation to your agricultural vehicles, our insurance can cover any legal expenditure that may be accrued as a result of mounting a legal defence or paying out compensation.

Medical expenses for the Insured and spouse/domestic partner for death or loss of limbs/sight

All agricultural specialists know that many of the vehicles involved in this particular trade are powerful and can potentially prove dangerous. In the event of an incident that results in loss of life or severe injury or disability such as loss of limbs or loss of sight, both the party who is insured as the operator of the vehicles and the spouse or partner of that person will be covered as part of an agricultural vehicle insurance policy.

Cover for belongings in your vehicle

If your vehicle is destroyed by fire, or stolen, with your belongings inside, never fear. Rigby Financial also offers cover for the items left inside the vehicle at the time of the incident.

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