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Here at Rigby Financial, we work with most of the UK’s leading insurance brokers to provide you with a commercial building insurance policy that ticks all the boxes.

We have already helped hundreds of landlords to find their perfect commercial property insurance policies, that ensure they are protected against a whole host of issues including loss-of-rent to fire, loss of fixtures and fittings and accidental damage. We also can cover rebuilding costs and legal expenses with our property insurance.

We have also worked with many specialist commercial property insurers and underwriters to ensure we find the best possible commercial building insurance quote and cover for our clients at highly competitive rates. Property owners who have a mixed portfolio of both residential and commercial properties can rely on renown business insurance brokers Rigby Financial for help. This is particularly useful if you own a commercial property which has a flat or apartment above it.

Commercial Property Insurance - Rigby Financial

What exactly is Commercial Property Owners Insurance?

Commercial property or commercial building insurance is what protects you as the property owner. Your tenant is the 3rd party company who has a tenancy agreement with you to allow them to run their business from inside your property.

Commercial Building Insurance compared to Domestic Landlord Insurance

As a commercial building owner, your tenants will differ in type compared to if you were renting out a residential property. A commercial property insurance policy will assess cover based on the level of risk your tenant’s business puts on your property and then adjust the cover accordingly.

The amount of risk compared to if you were leasing out a residential property will usually be higher due to factors such as the number of employees within the business and how hazardous the trade the company carries out is. Domestic tenants will not house numbers potentially in the hundreds, as some workforces in commercial buildings do, for example. The makeup of the building itself will also usually differ to a residential building.

What is a Commercial Property Insurance indemnity period?

Should the worst happen, and your commercial property becomes unusable from an insurable incident such as a flooding or a fire, then the indemnity period is how long you can claim from your policy for. Usually, a period of one, two or three years is available with most commercial building insurance covers.

Commercial Building Insurance

Will my tenants still need contents insurance?

Any contents within the building that your tenant owns must be covered under their own business insurance policy. As the building owner, you are not responsible for any accidental damage to their belongings. However, if you yourself run a business from the commercial property that you own then you should take out business contents insurance.

Why is Commercial Building Insurance important?

It is imperative for businesses to have Commercial PropertyInsurance. Whether you run a large or small business, an established firm or a start-up venture, having a Commercial Property Insurance cover will protect the company from unforeseen, unpredictable circumstances. Without Commercial Building Insurance, a life’s work on creating and building up a business could unravel in a matter of hours should your firm suffer a catastrophic event.

This policy from Rigby Financial guards your business against losses from are normally experienced following employee injury, theft and property damage. With the correct Commercial Building Insurance cover your company could more easily recover from any losses. Without this type of insurance, you are putting your business in a risky position.

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•             Employer’s Liability Insurance  
•             Fire & special perils cover
•             Subsidence Insurance

As well as our insurance on commercial buildings we also provide various other different types of insurance:
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•             Professional Indemnity Insurance 
•             Pub or Restaurant Insurance 
•             Surgery Insurance
•             Office Insurance
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What Does Commercial Building Insurance Cover?

It is important to pay close attention when arranging commercial building insurance, as a number of types of cover often come as part of a basic policy, but other elements exist as add-ons. As a result, you need to be sure of exactly what it is that you are paying for and whether you will be receiving everything that you need. Usually, commercial building insurance will cover damage to the structure of your property and its contents, including issues caused by fire, flooding, and vandalism. It also often includes employer’s or property owner’s liability insurance, which means that you’recovered if any third party is injured on your business’s premises - whether they're employees, tenants or visitors. Loss-of-rent insurance can also be included in a policy, which means that if you own a building that cannot be leased for a period of time due to damage or any other problem, you will be covered for the amount of rent that you miss out on. Rent guarantee insurance is another facet of commercial building insurance for landlords and covers you throughout any occasion during which your tenants are unable - or neglect - to pay their rent. Furthermore, legal expenses insurance can also be included in a policy, which means that your costs will be covered should you be subpoenaed by a tenant, employee or landlord as a result of injury or damages occurring on the premises. You can also insure your premises against subsidence and any other “special risks”.

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