Company Pension

The company pension plan marketplace is continually evolving and over the last couple years has seen a significant number of changes come into play, making it essential that you and your company are aware of the latest company pension legislation and how it may affect you.

By 2018 it will be a legal requirement for all employers to enrol all eligible staff into a workplace pension, in which both the employee and employer pay in.

But with such a changing environment it’s not always clear which company pension scheme is right for your business and employees. At RigbyFinancial, we aim to offer clear advice to help you make an informed financial decision. We could help by reviewing your existing scheme or suggesting policies that could work for your company

How we can help:

Our team of IFA’s could help you to implement and administera company pension scheme, which will free up your time and leave you toconcentrate on your business.

Inthe meantime, take a look through our guide on auto enrolment for moreinformation.

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