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Business Continuity Management has long been associated with large multinational companies, but these days it is pertinent that any business no matter what size have some form of business interruption insurance in place for those times of need.

Just imagine if one of your key employees was to suddenly fall ill or pass away. Not only would you and your team be faced with the emotional stress such an incidence can cause, but you will also see a strain on your business’ finances.

Investment in business continuity insurance can help protect both your employees if they are to fall ill, as well as provide adequate cover to protect the various aspects of your business.

And here at Rigby Financial our expert team ofIFA’s are always on hand to help you find the best business continuity insurance  solution for your business.  

  • Key Man Insurance

    Key Man Insurance also referred to Key Person Insurance provides your company, whether it is a large organisation or small business , with financial protection against the sudden death or long-term absence of a key employee. It is more or read more

  • Shareholder Protection Insurance

    What is director share purchase / partnership protection? If a director or shareholder of your company were to become critically ill or pass away suddenly, your business could be financially at risk. The guidelines may not be clear about read more

  • Loan Protection Insurance

    You may be looking to take out a business loan to help cover the start-up or expansion costs of your business, from investing in new equipment or even personal. Here having adequate loan protection insurance can help ensure the safety of read more

  • Relevant Life Insurance

    Life insurance is just one of the many benefits you can offer your employees. Having a policy in place could set you apart from other companies, and we can help you to find a Relevant Life Insurance policy that’s right for your business and read more

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