Tax Planning

Tax can often be very complicated. Do you know if you’re paying too much tax? Did you know that you could be missing out on countless tax allowances?

Rigby Financial can help you to make valuable long-term savings and ensure that all of your tax matters are hTax planning logoandled efficiently, i.e. inheritance tax.

Did you know that anything over £325,000 of your estate is liable to 40% tax?

Did you know that you could giftup to £3000 per annum, which will be tax exempt?

We all hope that are inheritance will find our loved ones well, but without adequate planning, can you guarantee that it will be safe? The Prudential’s February 2014 report showed the average inheritance tax bill in the UK to be approximately £166,000, between 2010-2011.

Tax can often be a grey area but with our help, you could see savings through tax allowances you may not have known about.

Our aim is to work closely with your accountant, complementing their services rather than replacing their services. Get in touch with one of our experienced advisers or pop in for a chat for more information on how we can help. 

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