Individual Pension

Have you already started to make plans for your retirement? At Rigby Financial, we want to make sure that you are able to enjoy your later years without any financial worries.

Whether you’re looking at your future options or thinking about changing your current pension arrangements, we can help. Our friendly team of IFA’s can help you tofind a pathway that best suits your needs, with expert advice and guidance.

Pensions are not always clear. Take a look at our tips and guidelines to see what you are entitled to…

-       You can contribute up to £3,600 a year, even if you’re not working

-       You’ll receive a tax relief from the government on your contributions, as a basic taxpayer you contribute £80 and the government will top it up to £100

Jars containing various amounts of pension money

-       You’re entitled to top up on a minor’s behalf (up to £3,600 per year)

-       If you have UK relevant earnings you can contribute up to 100% of yoursalary, subject to a maximum of £40,000 per year

-       Under current legislation you can take your private retirement benefitsfrom age 55 (this is due to increase to 57 in 2028)

-       You can amalgamate your pensions and move one pension to another if you have numerous plans.  Always take advice on this as you may lose valuable benefits by doing so.


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