Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning. Having the right cover in place can ensure that your family are safe and financially stable. At Rigby Financial we have a number of years experience in helping people leaving something behind for their family, whether it’s paying off the mortgage or ensuring your children have the funds for a proper education.

As with all of our policies, our knowledgeable independent financial advisers can find the right cover to suit you. A thorough fact-check will assess your situation,so you can be safe in knowing that your policy will work around you.

There area number of types of cover we can help arrange for you. A family income benefit plan can ensure your loved ones receive a regular sum of money. If you’d like to leave behind a lump sum, we can also help with that too. Both policies will ensure your investment gets back to your family, upon your death or diagnosis of a specified critical illness.

A Family Income Benefit Plan will allow you to provide your loved ones with a regular income upon your death or diagnosis of a specified critical illness.

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