Inheritance Tax Planning

We’d all like to leave something behind for our families to ensure that they are well taken care of. There is however the worry that without the right measures in place,they may not receive the full benefit of their inheritance. You may unknowingly even leave a tax issue or complication behind, leaving your loved ones to foot the bill.

Tax can be a very complex matter and often things can become lost in translation. Our advisers at Rigby Financial have a number of years experience when it comes to inheritance tax planning. We could provide you with a plan that ensures your inheritance goes to the people who matter most.

As inheritance tax is such a complex matter, we strongly recommend seeking financial advice. In short, the current inheritance tax threshold is £325,000 -anything above that figure is liable to be charged inheritance tax at 40%. Your estate is likely to be in excess of that sum, we can help you protect and facilitate finances.

To put things into perspective, The Prudential’s February 2014 report outlined the average inheritance bill in the UK between 20010-2011 to be nearly £166,000, based on approximately 15,600 estates.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or are considering taking out cover to protect your assets. One of our helpful advisers will be more than happy to help with sound advice and expertise.

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