Directors and Officers Insurance

If you are a director or a company officer, D&O insurance is a policy you can’t afford to be without. Holding such a senior role comes with a number of personal liabilities and responsibilities under the Companies Act and other UK legislation. Should anything go drastically wrong within your company or should you be in breach of the act, you could be taken to court and could find yourself with a hefty legal bill. 

Not only could a court case or employment tribunal be damaging to your business, it could also have a negative impact on you as an individual and all others concerned. In these cases, your assets could be at risk, not to mention the tremendous strain these situations can put on your family and personal life. Directors and officers insurance essentially provide you with a fund which you could use to fund a legal defence, settlement, legal representation or other related fees. Be in no doubt, D and O insurance is a worthwhile investment for any business.

At Rigby Financial, we understand the risks and pressure you face as a senior member of staff, company director or officer. Government legislation, such as the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Acts, has increased the pressure on businesses. As a result, many potential job candidates will not accept a role in one of these positions without adequate cover being in place.

All of these instances highlight the need for a robust insurance policy, such as Corporate Legal Liability cover. We can help you find a policy that meets your requirements and those of your business.

When it comes to limited liability companies and limited partnerships, we recommend directors and officers insurance with a corporate legal liability extension. It’s also worth considering employment practice liability insurance. 

Remember,if you’d like to discuss any of the covers we offer in further detail, don’t hesitate to call one of our professional advisers for more information and advice.

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