Life and Critical Illness

Your employees are often at the heart of your business, and everyone knows that a happy workforce is an efficient one.

Group life and critical illness insurance are just two of the many benefits you can offer your employees. Offering an adequate level of cover can really help your business, by increasing morale in the workplace and helping you to stand out from other companies.

How does group life insurance and critical illness cover work?

If one of your employees were to fall critically ill, or pass away, their family and any nominated beneficiaries will receive atax-free lump sum benefit and or taxable pension.

Is life insurance and critical illness cover right for my business?

At Rigby Financial, we believe in offering a service that’s bespoke to your business. Our expert team of IFA’s can suggest a policy that suits your exact business requirements. And by working with a panel of trusted UK insurers we ensure our clients receive only the best possible level of cover.

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